Share your ideas about the UI Academic Organizational Structure 2020

Published on November 29, 2017

Spotlight Series LogoUI Academic Organizational Structure 2020 – Phase II

Wednesday, December 13
12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
Lunch provided

How can the University of Iowa achieve its strategic plan and thrive in the decades ahead? How can we better address the grand challenges of the 21st century through our research, creative endeavors, curriculum, and teaching? How can we better serve our state and its people?

Share your ideas with members of the Academic Organizational Structure 2020 Phase II committee on Wednesday, December 13, during a Spotlight Series lunch. The committee welcomes all ideas, especially bold proposals.

The purpose of the Phase II initiative is to assess our current university structure, and — with broad campus engagement — develop recommendations to help us optimize our academic organization. Phase I of the initiative developed a series of principles, themes, and challenging issues to inform the work of Phase II.

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