Fireworks-related injuries continue to rise in Iowa

A report compiled by researchers from University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, the UI Injury Prevention Research Center, and other partners shows that fireworks-related injuries have increased since the Iowa Legislature legalized the sale of fireworks in May 2017. (Multiple sources) Published July 8, 2021

Students worry about their families as COVID cases rise in Bangladesh

Redwan Bin Abdul Baten, a CPH graduate student, lives in Iowa City with his wife and children, but he worries for his family in his home country of Bangladesh. "The health care system in [Bangladesh] was not resilient enough, was not strong enough, to absorb this kind of a shock like a global pandemic," he says. (Daily Iowan) Published July 8, 2021

Food, Alcohol & the Pandemic

How has the pandemic affected our eating and drinking habits and health? CPH experts discuss how COVID had an impact on food insecurity, school nutrition, and alcohol consumption. Published July 7, 2021