Honors Programs

University Honors

The University Honors Program, also referred to as “Honors at Iowa,” is a membership-based program open to all new first-year or transfer students at the University of Iowa. You can graduate with University Honors by completing honors-designated coursework and experiential learning opportunities. To learn more about eligibility and graduation requirements, visit University Honors.

Honors in the Major

In addition the University Honors Program, The College of Public Health offers an honors experience specifically for undergraduate students. Honors in the major can be earned by completing additional requirements within your major. Brandi Janssen is the CPH Faculty Honors Advisor. Questions about Honors in the major can be directed to Dr. Janssen or Kim Klinedinst.

To graduate with Honors in public health, students must successfully complete all college requirements with a g.p.a. of at least 3.33 in all courses for the major, in all college course work, and in all UI course work.

  1. Completion of Honors in the major will satisfy the public health experiential learning degree requirement.
  2. Membership in University Honors program is not a requirement for Honors in the major, though fulfillment of Honors in the major satisfies the experiential learning requirement to earn University Honors.
  3. Application for entry required. Admission criteria include:
    • 3.33 UI cumulative GPA and 3.33 cumulative GPA within major courses
    • Interest in completing Honors thesis under the supervision of a CPH faculty member, which includes adjunct, secondary, and primary faculty or as approved by the CPH Faculty Honors Advisor.
    • At least junior year status to apply (at least 60 sh earned), but students should apply no later than the first week of their final year.
    • Application form signed by (1) Honors project faculty mentor, (2) CPH academic advisor and (3) CPH Faculty Honors Advisor
  4. CPH:4990 Mentored Independent Undergraduate Research in Public Health is a requirement to graduate with Honors in the major. CPH:4990 will occur over two semesters. In this course you will complete thesis research. Thesis requirements include:
    • Write a brief research proposal summarizing background and goals of Honors research
    • Defend research proposal to Honors project faculty mentor. The proposal must be approved by Honors project faculty mentor.
    • Conduct research
    • When research is completed, submit an Honors thesis according to the guidelines set forth by the College of Public Health Undergraduate Program Office.
    • Complete an oral and/or poster presentation in a venue approved by the Undergraduate Program Office and your Honors project faculty mentor.
  5. Apply to graduate with Honors in the major. Criteria include: