Undergraduate Research

Engaging in public health research allows students to enrich their educational experience by integrating coursework with real-life experiences, establishing personal mentored relationships with public health faculty, and applying their knowledge to make research contributions that positively impact populations.

Students majoring in public health have the option to earn credit for a public health research experience through the following two courses:

  • Students enrolled in CPH:3999 Undergraduate Research Experience in Public Health will have an opportunity for hands-on involvement in scholarly public health research activities under the supervision of faculty or research staff. Independent student research projects are not an expectation for this course. For more information about the policies and procedures related to CPH:3999, click here.
  • Students enrolled in CPH:4990 Mentored Independent Undergraduate Research in Public Health will conduct an independent student research project under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Undergraduate public health majors who plan to graduate with honors in the major are required to register for this course in order satisfy the honors thesis requirement. This course occurs over two semesters. For more information about the policies and procedures related to CPH:4990, click here.

Finding Research Opportunities

To browse current research postings and opportunities, we recommend the following resources. (Please note that not all faculty choose to post their research listings online and this list may not be all-inclusive. Students with specific interests are encouraged to reach out to faculty directly.)

For Faculty: To post a research listing to the College of Public Health digital bulletin board, click here.

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