Faculty Research Award

The College of Public Health Research Award recognizes faculty members who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the field and to a larger body of scholarly inquiry through their research. One award is given each year. The awardee can range from a junior to senior faculty member, and the nomination can be for a specific piece of innovative work or for contributions made over a longer time period.

Selection Process

  1. Who is eligible: Any faculty member who has not received this award within the last five years is eligible.
  2. Who may make a nomination: students, staff, faculty, or outside collaborators can make a nomination.  Self-nominations are not permitted.
  3. Awards Committee members who submit nominations will be excused from deliberations.
  4. All materials should be emailed to Kathy Welsh.
  5. Awards Committee selects the recipient.

Nomination Materials

  1. Complete requested information on the nomination form with 150-200 word statement from the primary nominator, describing the nominee’s qualifications, including:
    1. Overview of nominee’s research, illustrating how the research has been exemplary in advancing public health and has provided opportunities for current or future collaborations.
    2. A statement that conveys the nominee’s academic reputation, citing honors, awards, recognitions, and/or publications.
    3. A summary of the nominee’s commitment to The University of Iowa College of Public Health.
  2. Nominee’s CV will be pulled from the APR and be made available to the Awards Committee.