CPH Staff Council


The Goals of the CPHSC include:

  • Facilitating communication between staff and college administration
  • Advocating changes and improvements for staff
  • Advising the dean on policies affecting staff members
  • Providing opportunities for all staff to participate in local activities such as:
    • diversity initiatives
    • professional development
    • community building
    • philanthropic activities

What do Council Members do?

  • Serve a 2-year term
  • Attend monthly council meetings
  • Advocate changes and improvements for staff
  • Communicate with the Dean and Administration
  • Represent staff colleagues



  • Chair, At-large, Bri Johnson
  • Administration, Justin Goodchild
  • Epidemiology, Raquel Davis
  • Health Management & Policy, Kate Thrams
  • Occupational and Environmental Health, Tammi Goerdt
  • Biostatistics, Margaret Evans
  • Org Representative to UI Staff Council, Gayle Robertson
  • Administrative Liaison, Kay Shie
  • At-large, Vickie Miene
  • At-large, Vacant
  • Community & Behavioral Health, Becky Bucklin

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