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College of Public Health Staff Council Mission Statement

The purpose of the College of Public Health Staff Council is to voice concerns and issues of represented staff to College of Public Health Administration, facilitate communication within the College, and ensure staff involvement in committees and discussions that affect College of Public Health represented staff. The CPHSC is an elected body that represents staff members in the College of Public Health. This constituent group is composed of staff that are non-organized Professional and Scientific and Merit Exempt personnel holding a regular appointment of 50% or more within the College.

The Goals of the CPHSC include:

  • Develop and promote activities and opportunities to enhance the quality of work-life for staff.
  • Advocate changes or improvements for staff.
  • Advise the College Administrative Liaison and the Dean on policies affecting staff members where the discretion remains with the college on the actual policy application.
  • Inform staff of the activities of the CPHSC.
  • Develop a broader understanding among the staff of the strategic goals and challenges of the college.
  • Provide opportunities for all staff to participate in outreach activities such as diversity initiatives, professional development, community building and philanthropic activities.
  • Facilitate communication between staff and college administration.



  • Chair, Occupational and Environmental Health, Jackie Curnick
  • Administration, Justin Goodchild
  • Epidemiology, Gary Hulett
  • Health Management & Policy, Kate Duffus
  • Biostatistics, Maggie Spencer
  • Org Representative to UI Staff Council, Juile Qidwai
  • Community & Behavioral Health, Cindy Sagoe
  • At-large, Alexa Andrews
  • At-large, Steve Steine
  • Secretary, At-large, Patrick Riepe
  • Administrative Liaison, Kay Shie

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