TA Hiring Procedures for CPH Undergraduate Courses

Detailed below is a hiring procedure developed by the Undergraduate Program Office for graduate teaching assistants teaching undergraduate (CPH) courses. (template documents are available upon request)


  1. Faculty instructor notifies the Undergraduate Program Director that they are seeking teaching support no later than February 1 (for fall semester or academic year appointments) or September 1 (for spring semester appointments).
  2. The faculty instructor and the Undergraduate Program Director will meet to discuss the specific support needed in light of faculty efforts, enrollment expectations, and teaching methods employed.
  3. The Undergraduate Program Director in conjunction with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Associate Dean for Administration will approve or deny the request.
  4. If approved, the faculty member is responsible for drafting a job description (template available). The job description must be approved by both the Undergraduate Program Director and the CPH HR Director before the position can be posted publicly. The job description is required to include the following information:
    1. Position title
    2. Course number and title
    3. A link to the MyUI course description
    4. Course Instructor(s)
    5. Start date (3-business days prior to the start of the semester)
    6. End date (or notice that this is a semester appointment)
    7. Job description including
      1. Who the course is intended for
      2. Brief overview of course content
      3. Expected effort time table (templates available)
    8. Required qualifications
    9.  Desired qualifications
    10. Equal opportunity/affirmative action statement
    11. Application instructions
    12. Notice of criminal background check for the candidate of choice
  5.  CPH HR will advertise the position via email. The Undergraduate Program Office also intends to develop a website for graduate student teaching opportunities and resources. Fall semester or academic year appointments should be posted no later than April 1. Spring semester appointments should be posted no later than October 1. (approximate dates)
  6. Advertising will end two weeks after the position is advertised, with the option to extend the deadline if needed. Typically, fall semester or academic year appointments will be advertised from April 1-April 15, and spring semester appointments will be advertised from October 1-October 15. (approximate dates)
  7. CPH HR will collect applications and provide an initial screening for required and desired qualifications.
  8. The instructor should review all applications and select candidates for interview.
  9. The instructor is responsible for setting up and conducting the interviews.
  10. Once a candidate of choice has been identified, the instructor(s) should do the following:
    1. Notify the Undergraduate Program Director and CPH HR Director
    2. Provide a brief justification of:
      1. Selection of candidates to interview
      2. Selection of candidate of choice
    3. Finalize an offer letter, with input from the CPH HR Director (template available)
  11. The instructor (with support by CPH HR) will notify the candidate of choice and will provide the candidate of choice with the final offer letter.
  12. Once the candidate of choice has accepted and signed the offer, the instructor (with or without the support of CPH HR) will notify the other candidates that the position has been filled.
  13. Finally, the Undergraduate Program Office will send a hiring notification to the academic advisor, departmental graduate program coordinator, and the DEO of the department in which the TA resides.

Summary of Important (Approximate) Dates

 Fall Semester (Academic Year) AppointmentsSpring Semester Appointments
Notify CPH Undergraduate Program DirectorFebruary 1September 1
Job  description advertisedApril 1-15October 1-15
Selection and notification of candidate of choiceMay 1November 1