About the Institute

The objective of the Iowa Summer Institute in Biostatistics is to provide biostatistical research education and applied research opportunities to undergraduates. The Iowa Summer Institute in Biostatistics (ISIB), in its 11th year, is funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

The ISIB is a seven-week program. The structure of the program is through case based instruction of real biomedical research, computer laboratory training, research projects, and clinical and translational research enrichment activities.

Coursework will focus on clinical trials, big data, translational research, and statistical models used in the analysis of biomedical studies. The course will further serve as a fundamental building block for students to understand the importance of biostatistics and its synergistic place in the biomedical sciences. Information on opportunities such as scholarships, training grant programs and assistantships in Biostatistics and Public Health will be presented to scholars. Scholars will be encouraged to apply to continue their graduate studies in biostatistics, statistics and/or data sciences and contribute toward the remedial of the current nationwide shortage of biostatisticians.

One week into the program, scholars will be matched with a Biostatistics faculty member for their selected research project. The projects are designed to provide the opportunity to engage in medical science research through biostatistics. After a supervised research, trainees will present their accomplished projects to faculty and students at our concluding symposium.

2020 Project Abstracts

There are no fees or tuition costs associated with participation in the Program. Roundtrip transportation, housing and meal allowance are provided, as well as tuition for the 3 s.h. course. Scholars should check with their home institution as to whether or not these credits are transferrable.

Lodging will be provided on campus at the University of Iowa. Scholars will have full access to university computing systems, libraries and other academic and recreational facilities.

New ISIB Collaboration  A Statistically Significant Summer

Sister Summer Institutes for Research Education in Biostatistics Information   The Summer Institute in Biostatistics programs  (SIBS) have been sponsored by the NHLBI since its inception in 2003.

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