Biostatistics Student Organization

The Biostatistics Student Organization (BSO) is responsible for facilitating connections among graduate students in biostatistics. Throughout the school year, BSO hosts a number of academic,  social, and volunteering events.


Membership is automatic for all graduate students in biostatistics.

BSO Officers (2020-2021)

  • President: Melissa Jay
  • Vice President: Eldon Sorensen
  • Treasurer: Hannah Pham
  • Scribe: Scott Cleven
  • Activities Coordinators: Marisa Flores and Cari Comnick
  • Professional Development Activities Coordinators (PDAC): Megan McCabe and Allison Schuette
  • Community Service Coordinators: Devin Spolsdoff and Marisa Flores
  • Webmaster: Eun Jae Jo
  • Mentorship Coordinator: Caitlin Ward

Student Representatives on Faculty Committees:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee: Helin Hernandez
  • Computing Committee: Alankar Kampoowale

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