MPH in Biostatistics – Undergrad to Grad

Please note: the MPH in Biostatistics has some pre-reqs that must be followed in the following areas:

Familiarity with the mathematics of single variable calculus and matrix algebra are required. These requirements can be satisfied by a one-semester college course in calculus equivalent to AP Calculus AB and a high school algebra course involving matrices.

Computer Science
Knowledge of elementary computer programming is required. Programming in any commonly used modern programming language (e.g., Python, Java, C++) is acceptable.

The combined undergrad to grad program makes it possible for students to earn an undergraduate degree and an MPH in Biostatistics in five years. Benefits of pursuing the combined degrees include:

  • The time to completion is five years instead of six.
  • Apply course credit to both programs
  • Saves an average of $10,000 in one year of tuition and fees
  • Become eligible for grad assistantships in the second year
  • Gain skills in the critical areas needed by employers
  • Increase opportunities for career advancement


Students are required to have a 3.25 GPA at the time of application and a 3.00 GPA at the time of entry into graduate standing. For more information, please visit the application process page.

Coursework and Deadlines by Year

You must take CPH:1400 Fundamentals of Public Health in either fall or spring by Year 3.

 Year 1

  • Undergraduate coursework

Year 2

  • Undergraduate coursework

Year 3

  • Undergraduate coursework
  • Must complete 80 semester hours of undergraduate coursework by the end of the fall semester to be eligible to apply
  • GPA of 3.25 or higher
  • Apply by February 1st for fall admission

Year 4

  • Complete bachelor program
  • Take up to 15 credit hours of graduate coursework
  • Pay undergrad tuition (if you were awarded a scholarship for this year, they will still apply)

Bachelor’s degree conferred

Year 5

  • Complete graduate coursework
  • Pay Graduate tuition
  • Eligible for Graduate Assistantship

Master’s degree conferred


First Year

Fall Semester (Semester 1) Credits Spring Semester (Semester 2) Credits
Gen Ed/Electives/Major coursework 15 Gen Ed/Electives/Major Coursework 15
Total 15 U
  15 U
Running Total 15 U   30 U



Summer Credits
Gen Ed/Electives/ Major Coursework 6
Total 6 U
Running Total 36 U


Second Year

Fall Semester (Semester 3) Credits Spring Semester (Semester 4) Credits
Gen Ed/Electives/Major coursework 15 Gen Ed/Electives/Major coursework 15
Total 15 U   15 U
Running Total 51 U   66 U
  • Make an appointment with the U2G program staff by the spring semester of this year


Summer Credits
Gen Ed/Electives/ Major Coursework 6
Total 6 U
Running Total 72 U


Third Year

Fall Semester (Semester 5) Credits Spring Semester (Semester 6) Credits
Gen Ed/Electives/Major coursework 15 Gen Ed/Electives/Major coursework 15
Total 15 U   15 U
Running Total 87 U   102 U
  • Students must have at least 80 SH after the Fall semester (with a GPA of 3.25) in order to be eligible to apply to the MPH program in Biostatistics. Additionally, they will take their GRE in their third year, Fall semester, but no later than January 15
  • Students will apply for the MPH program at the beginning of their Spring (6th semester). Applications are due February 1 of their Junior Year


Summer Credits
Gen Ed/Electives/Major Coursework 6
Total 6 U
Running Total 108 U


Fourth Year

Fall Semester (Semester 7) Credits Spring Semester (Semester 8) Credits
Gen Ed/Electives/Major coursework 6 Gen Ed/Electives/Major coursework 6
BIOS:4120 Intro to Biostatistics 3 BIOS:5120 Regression Modeling and ANOVA in the Health Sciences 3
STAT:4540 Statistical Learning 3 CBH:4105 Intro to Health Promotion & Disease Prevention 3
Total 6 U / 6 G   6 U / 6 G
Running Total 114 U/ 6 G   120 U/12 G
  • Starting Spring your fourth year, you will be assessed Graduate tuition. Your Bachelor’s degree will be conferred at the end of the Spring Semester.



Summer Credits
CPH:5100 Introduction to Public Health 3
Total 3 G
Running Total 15 G


Fifth Year

Fall Semester (Semester 9) Credits Spring Semester (Semester 10) Credits

BIOS:5510 Biostatistical Computing (Programming with R)

Biostatistical Computing (Programming with SAS)*




BIOS Approved Elective 3
BIOS:6110 Applied Categorical Data Analysis 3 BIOS Approved Elective (i.e., BIOS:6610 Stat Methods in Clinical Trials) 3
EPID:4400 Epidemiology I: Principles 3 BIOS Approved Elective (i.e., BIOS:6210 Applied Surv. Analysis) 3
OEH:4240 Global Environmental Health 3 HMP:4000 Intro to the US Healthcare System 3
CPH:5203 Interprofessional Education & Practice for MPH Students 0
Total 13 G   12 G
Running Total 28 G   40 G

*This course is waived if previously take BIOS:5310 Research Data Management


Summer Credits
CPH:7200 MPH Capstone Experience 1
CPH:7500 MPH Applied Practice Experience 2
Total 3 G
Running Total 43G