JD-MPH Combined Degree

The purpose of the combined JD/MPH degree is to provide an opportunity for students in the UI College of Law to receive formal training in public health in addition to formal training in law.  Students completing the combined degree will develop special expertise in public health legal issues.  This degree program is designed to train qualified students for leadership roles in both the public and private sectors.


To be a candidate for this combined degree the applicant must be accepted into the JD program as a condition of acceptance into the combined degree. This may occur concurrently but the condition of acceptance into the JD must be made before final acceptance into the MPH program. The admission committees of the two colleges will independently review the candidate for acceptance into the combined degree. For information on admission to the JD program, please see http://law.uiowa.edu/admissions

MPH Core Courses (18 s.h.)

The following courses are required of students in the MPH program. Students are expected to earn ≥ B- (2.67) on each core course and must earn a ≥ B (3.0) cumulative grade point average on all core courses. When necessary, a student may repeat a course to achieve this standard.

Number Title Hours
CPH:5100 Intro to Public Health 3 s.h.
BIOS:4120 Intro to Biostatistics 3 s.h.
CBH:5105 Intro to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3 s.h.
EPID:4400 Epidemiology I: Principles 3 s.h.
HMP:4000 Intro to the US Healthcare System 3 s.h.
OEH:4240 Global Environmental Health 3 s.h.

Elective Law Courses (
12 s.h.)

Students enrolled in the JD/MPH combined degree program can count up to 12 semester hours of the following law courses, which have been approved for this purpose:

Number Title Hours
LAW:8562 Health Law 3 s.h.
LAW:8467 Family Law 3 s.h.
LAW:8751/HMP:6360 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness I 3 s.h.
LAW:8752/HMP:6365 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness II 3 s.h.

Elective Public Health Courses
(9 s.h.)

Nine semester hours of coursework must be selected from the College of Public Health curriculum. Selection of elective coursework will be done between the student and his/her MPH advisor.

Applied Practice Experience and Capstone Experience Requirements (3 s.h.)

Number Title Hours
CPH:7500 MPH Applied Practice Experience 2 s.h.
CPH:7200 MPH Capstone Experience 1 s.h.

Pre-Requisites to the Applied Practice Experience and the Capstone Experience

Students must complete all core courses prior to beginning the Applied Practice Experience, and they must take the Capstone Experience course in their final semester.

Summary of Requirements:

Area Hours
MPH Core 18 s.h.
Applied Practice Experience 2 s.h.
Capstone Experience 1 s.h.
JD Hours 12 s.h.
Public Health electives 9 s.h.
Total 42 s.h.

The JD is a 84 semester hour degree program taken over a three year period.  The JD curriculum can be found at https://law.uiowa.edu/academics JD/MPH students must complete 102 total semester hours.


In addition to mastering the core competencies, graduates of the combined JD/MPH will be able to:
Discuss legal issues related to health and public health such as the “right to die”, organ transplantation and medical malpractice.
Describe the role nonprofit organizations play in building and enhancing local communities.
Examine the relationship of nonprofit organizations to community constituencies, governmental entities, and professional associations.