Financial Support

Professional Development

MPH students are encouraged to seek out professional development opportunities. Funding is available for students traveling to Public Health professional meetings. A request for Financial Support for Professional Development must be submitted at least one month prior to your trip:

Professional Development Funding Request

Applied Practice Experience

MPH students who are doing out-of-state or international experiences may apply for funding through several sources:

  1. Financial support may be available from the MPH Program. A request form, which may be found in the ICON Practice Experience site.
  2. International Programs Funding
  3. Departmental Funding – please check with your Departmental Program Coordinator.

Scholarships and Awards

MPH students can be nominated for a variety of scholarships:

  1. MPH scholarships – an annual tuition award, students are nominated by their department or the MPH Program.
  2. Graduate College funding

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