General MPH Degree

Individuals who have already earned a professional degree can choose to complete the General MPH Degree option allowing greater flexibility in elective course selection.  Typically, students who pick this option are fellows, medical residents, and practicing nurses, or physicians. Completion of the MPH program can enhance physicians ability to receive primary certification from the American Board of Preventive Medicine. Physicians who are considering certification from the American Board of Preventive Medicine should review the requirements here. Students can take core courses on campus or asynchronously on-line, accommodating a variety of schedules. Students work closely with their advisor to develop a plan of study that is tailored to their specific background and goals.


An undergraduate degree is required. The cumulative grade point average should be a minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Although no specific major is required, perquisite coursework includes one semester of college algebra and biology.

MPH Core Courses (18 s.h.)

The following courses are required of students in the MPH program. Students are expected to earn ≥ B- (2.67) on each core course and must earn a ≥ B (3.0) cumulative grade point average on all core courses. When necessary, a student may repeat a course to achieve this standard.

Number Title Hours
CPH:5100 Intro to Public Health 3 s.h.
BIOS:4120 Intro to Biostatistics 3 s.h.
CBH:4105 Intro to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3 s.h.
EPID:4400 Epidemiology I: Principles 3 s.h.
HMP:4000 Intro to the US Healthcare System 3 s.h.
OEH:4240 Global Environmental Health 3 s.h.

Practicum Requirement (3 s.h.)

The experience from this course, including a final written report and a poster presentation, constitutes the final examination for the MPH.

Number Title Hours
CPH:7000 MPH Practicum Experience 3 s.h.


Pre-Requisite to MPH Practicum:
Students must complete all of their MPH core courses and the majority of other MPH coursework prior to registering for the Practicum.

Electives (21 s.h.)

Students are required to take 21 semester hours from courses required in one of the subtracks. The student and their advisor determine course selection.

Summary of Requirements

Area Hours
MPH Core 18 s.h.
Practicum 3 s.h.
Electives 21 s.h.
Total 42 s.h.


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