How to Apply (Undergrad to Grad)

Students pursuing undergraduate education at the University of Iowa, Grinnell College, or Coe College may consider applying to a combined undergraduate to graduate (U2G) program. U2G’s provide an opportunity for students interested in health sciences to earn both their undergraduate and graduate degrees in 5 years.Benefits of pursuing the combined degrees are as follows:

  • Save time! Earn an advanced degree on an accelerated track (5 years vs. the typical 6 years)
  • Save money! Reduce costs associated with earning a master’s degree (cut one year of tuition)
  • Prepare for the future. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to launch a public health career or pursue further academic study
  • Establish a competitive edge. A master’s degree can increase earning potential and qualifications for more senior positions

Undergraduate Checklist

Freshman/Sophomore Year:

  • Research the field of public health
  • View the specific program of study for course overview
  • Talk with your undergraduate advisor or academic advising center
  • Schedule an appointment with the College of Public Health ( or 319-384-1539
  • Take Fundamentals of Public Health (CPH:1400)

Junior Year:

  • Take the GRE exam by mid-January
  • Apply to the program by February 1st (application instructions are below)

How to Apply

Requirements: Students are required to have a 3.25 GPA (3.5 for epidemiology) at time of application and at 3.00 GPA (3.25 epidemiology) at time of entry into graduate standing. Students are encouraged to meet with their undergrad advisor and a College of Public Health advisor prior to applying.

There are two parts to the application: 1) SOPHAS (Schools of Public Health Application Service) and 2) The UI Graduate Admission application.


    • Complete the online application (select the MPH Program of Study that you’re applying to).
    • Three letters of recommendation are required. You will enter your letter writters e-mail address into SOPHAS and they will receive instructions on how to send the letter.
    • Personal statement: This is an important piece of your application! Please address the following questions (1500 word limit):
      • Students must choose and apply to one Program of Study or combined degree within the University of Iowa MPH Program. Which are you applying to and why? (You will list your intended Program of Study and note that you are applying to the U2G program)
      • How does the required coursework for the Program of Study you are pursuing match up with what you hope to learn and achieve throughout the program?
      • In detail, please describe: your exposure to, training in, and/or work experiences within public health?
      • How does the MPH degree relate to your career goals?
    • Resume
    • GRE exam (please submit scores to SOPHAS directly)
    • Transcripts: All transcripts (including UI) must be sent to SOPHAS.



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