Coe Bachelor of Arts to UI MPH – Undergrad to Grad

The combined undergrad to grad program makes it possible for students to earn a BA from Coe College and an MPH degree from the University of Iowa in five years. Benefits of pursuing the combined degrees include:

  • Students can further explore their interest in the field of public health.
  • Time to completion is five years instead of six.
  • Shorter completion time saves one year of tuition.


The Coe student will apply to the MPH Program by the second semester of their junior undergraduate year. At which point students must have completed 80 s.h. and have a 3.25 GPA. At the time of entry into graduate standing, students must have a 3.0 GPA. For more information, please visit the application process page.

For additional information please visit the Coe MPH cooperative degree program:

Coursework and Deadlines by Year and Semester

Year 1:

  • Coe coursework

Year 2:

  • Coe coursework
  • UI course – CPH:1400, Fundamentals of Public Health (online)

Year 3:

  • Coe coursework (students must have 80 semester hours after fall semester)
  • Apply to UI MPH Program by February 1st

Year 4:

  • Coe coursework
  • UI courses:
    • Fall: 3 semester hours – Intro to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (online)
    • Spring: 6 semester hours – Global Environmental Health (online) and Epidemiology I (online)
    • Summer: 3 semester hours – Intro to Public Health (online)

Year 5: UI MPH courses on UI campus