Industrial Hygiene Funding

There are several sources of funding for industrial hygiene students. Our students are commonly supported by faculty research grants and through traineeships or pilot grants from the following Centers:

  • Heartland Center for Occupational Health & Safety
    Supports graduate training in six areas including Industrial Hygiene. Students admitted to the Industrial Hygiene program are eligible for a traineeship. Support may be in the form of tuition, fees, and/or stipend. Funded positions sponsored by NIOSH are available for U.S. citizens only. The Heartland Center also provides funding through a competitive pilot grant process available to doctoral students after their first year. (funding source: NIOSH)
  • Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health
    Provides support for industrial hygiene students with a research focus on agricultural health through a competitive pilot grant program available to doctoral students after their first year. See for current research projects.

Individual grants obtained by faculty may be another source of student support. These grants often contain budgeted funds for support of students as a graduate research assistant (GRA) which includes full tuition in addition to salary.

For more information on current funding opportunities, contact Brianne Schwarz.