OEH Staff Contacts

Directory Listing
Dave Asa Graduate Program Coordinator S365 CPHB (319) 335-4558
Christy Bardell Administrative Services Coordinator S341 CPHB (319) 335-4414
Marsha Cheyney Research Support Manager N447 CPHB (319) 384-4377
Tammi Goerdt Director of Continuing Education and Outreach S310 CPHB 319-335-4423
Kay Mohling Admin Services Specialist 202 IREH (319) 335-4219
Breanna Reed Administrative Services Coordinator S308 CPHB 319-467-0283
Mindy Sickels Research Support Manager S375 CPHB (319) 335-4411
Janie Simmons Secretary III S344 CPHB (319) 335-4418
Wendy Walker Admin Services Administrator S345 CPHB (319) 335-4412