MS in Industrial Hygiene – Undergrad to Grad

The Undergrad to Grad Program – earn your BS and MS in 5 years!

BS in Biomedical Engineering (Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Track) (BME)
MS in Industrial Hygiene (IH)

Benefits of the Undergrad to Grad / combined degree program:

  • Earn your BME and IH degrees in 5 years – get your master’s degree sooner (5 yrs total, vs. typical 6 yrs)
  • Get a great job – ALL of our Industrial Hygiene grads are getting great jobs
  • Funding Available – 100% tuition paid and a monthly stipend (starting after your Senior year) – we’ll help pay for your MS degree
  • The College of Public Health offers a world-class education with a personal touch, including small class sizes, a low student-faculty ratio, and organized student activities
  • The state-of-the-art College of Public Health Building, opened in 2012, incorporates the latest sustainable design principles and green building technologies

What to do NOW:

  • Contact David Asa to request detailed information about program requirements –
  • Check out the deadlines and admissions requirements:
    • GRE exam completed by December 1 of Junior year
    • 3.25 GPA needed at time of application
    • Apply to the MS in IH by February 1st of your Junior year

Contact for more information: David Asa,

Questions or comments? Contact Asa, David. This page was last reviewed on June 28, 2017.