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Peek-Asa discusses why teens do dangerous challenges

Corinne Peek-Asa, CPH professor and associate dean for research, says teens are tempted to take part in dangerous social media challenges because "one of their developmental cognitive jobs at that age is to figure out their own internal compass for risk taking, social placement, and how they fit into their world." (Newsweek) Published October 10, 2019

Donham receives award at American Veterinary Epidemiology Society meeting

Kelley Donham, CPH professor emeritus and alumnus (70MS), was awarded with the 2019 Karl F. Meyer–James H. Steele Gold-Headed Cane Award at the American Veterinary Epidemiology Society meeting. Published October 10, 2019

Iowa scientists project dangerous heat levels

Model projections from the latest Iowa Climate Statement indicate that Iowans should expect extreme and dangerous heat events to become more severe in the near future. CPH professor Peter Thorne worked as a collaborator on the statement. (Daily Iowan) Published October 3, 2019

Study examines use of firearms in incidents of homicide-suicide

CPH professor Corinne Peek-Asa co-authored a study examining incidents of homicide-suicide from 2013 to 2016 to compare proportions of incidents that included a firearm to non-firearm incidents by incident, victim, and perpetrator characteristics. Published September 27, 2019

Iowa hosts Birnbaum’s last community forum

Water quality took center stage in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, at a recent public meeting held by NIEHS and National Toxicology Program director Linda Birnbaum. Her upcoming retirement makes the Iowa forum the last of 25 such meetings she has held during her tenure. (NIH Record) Published September 26, 2019

Climate report: Severe heat waves will likely threaten Iowa

According to this year's Iowa Climate Statement, a report signed by more than 200 Iowa scientists, the state is slated to see dangerously hot weather in the coming decades. Extreme heat is a serious health concern, notes CPH professor Peter Thorne. (IPR) Published September 25, 2019

GPCAH promotes National Farm Safety and Health Week

The Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health is collaborating with 10 other U.S. Agricultural Centers to promote farm safety during National Farm Safety and Health Week, Sept. 15-21. Published September 12, 2019

Video: EHSRC hosts farm tours, community forum

In June 2019, the EHSRC led a tour of three local farms and hosted a community forum about water quality in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. Check out a video of the day's events. Published September 11, 2019

Peek-Asa comments on gun violence prevention

Corinne Peek-Asa, CPH associate dean for research, notes that preventing gun violence requires a multi-pronged approach, including research and investment. (Daily Iowan) Published August 29, 2019

State Hygienic Lab receives CDC funding for new statewide biomonitoring program

A new project led by the State Hygienic Lab and involving numerous CPH researchers will analyze the presence of environmental hazards in well water and households across the state. Published August 26, 2019


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