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From the Front Row: Discussing Iowa’s medical cannabidiol program

In this week's episode, Emma and Steve talk to Owen Parker (15MPH in OEH), program manager for the Office of Medical Cannabidiol at the Iowa Department of Public Health. They discuss the issues surrounding medical cannabinoid use in Iowa, and policy and public health implications of its legalization. Published December 18, 2020

IPRC request for pilot research project proposals

The University of Iowa Injury Prevention Research Center announces the availability of funds to support pilot projects. The UI IPRC is particularly interested in interdisciplinary pilot projects with a focus on injuries in rural contexts; however all injury and violence prevention and control projects will be considered. Applications are due March 12, 2021. Published December 16, 2020

Researchers reveal racial disparities in pedestrian injuries

A new study from the University of Iowa College of Public Health reveals that pedestrian injuries are worse for most minorities in the US compared to whites, a racial disparity that points to inequities in access to safe transportation. "Basically in every indicator we looked at, we saw worse outcomes, particularly among Black, Hispanic, and multi-racial groups," says Cara Hamann, clinical assistant professor of epidemiology, who was the principal investigator on the study. Published December 10, 2020

College of Public Health doctoral student awarded AAUW fellowship

Cynthia Febrina Maharani, a doctoral student in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, has been awarded a 2020-21 International Doctoral Fellowship by the American Association of University Women. Published December 1, 2020

Lucky’s Feet: A clubfoot story with a happy ending

Take a break from doomscrolling and check out a new multimedia project from Tom Cook, professor emeritus of occupational and environmental health. Based on a true story, "Lucky's Feet" is a 17-minute animated video about a caring grandmother, a skilled doctor, and a simple treatment that changed the life of an eight-year-old boy.  Published November 20, 2020

Farm equipment designed for men presents challenges for female farmers

Farming is a physically demanding job, no matter your body type. Women, however, are at a particular disadvantage when it comes to farming equipment. "These were designed for people of a certain weight and certain height… pretty much reflective of the male population in the United States,” says alumna Josie Rudolphi (17PhD), who researches agricultural safety and health. (Illinois Newsroom) Published November 18, 2020

Gerr discusses COVID-19 testing in Iowa

Fred Gerr, professor emeritus of occupational and environmental health, recently discussed what factors Iowans should consider when perusing a COVID-19 test, the science of testing, and how rising COVID-19 cases may impact testing availability across the state. (Iowa Public Radio) Published November 18, 2020

Trauma care for injured farmers is often delayed

A study by CPH researchers found that farmers who require trauma care after suffering work-related injuries take nearly one hour longer to arrive at a hospital than their rural counterparts who are similarly injured while working in other industries. (Safety+Health) Published November 4, 2020

Hear from grads who landed their dream jobs

Join the "Life After College Series: Landing the Dream Job" on Nov. 10 to hear from recent UI graduates, including Elanie Welch (14 MS in occupational & environmental health) who is now working as a wellness coach & COO at Bright Futures Chiropractic. Register in advance for the free event. Published November 4, 2020

Peek-Asa elected to the National Academy of Medicine

Corinne Peek-Asa, associate dean for research and professor of occupational and environmental health in the University of Iowa College of Public Health, has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine. (Iowa Now) Published October 22, 2020


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