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The latest news from the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

Free safety workshop focuses on youth working in agriculture

A virtual safety and health workshop devoted to safeguarding youth who work on farms and ranches will be held Sept. 28. The workshop is co-hosted by the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health based in the College of Public Health. Published August 31, 2022

Janssen reviews safety tips for avoiding needle-stick injuries 

Brandi Janssen, director of Iowa’s Center for Agricultural Safety and Health, offers reminders on how to avoid needle-stick injuries when working with livestock. (Iowa Farmer Today) Published August 16, 2022

Fethke discusses farmers’ back pain

“Exposure to whole-body vibration is a key occupational risk factor for back pain, which is common among agricultural workers,” says Nathan Fethke, CPH associate professor. Whole-body vibration occurs when the shaking motion of a vehicle or farm machinery is transmitted through the body of the operator. (Successful Farming) Published August 10, 2022

Lehmler leads team to address climate, environment, and health

With $500,000 in funding from the OVPR Interdisciplinary Scholars awards program, an interdisciplinary team will start work on a new project at the intersection of climate, the environment, and health. Hans-Joachim Lehmler, CPH professor of occupational and environmental health, leads the project. Published August 3, 2022

Student Cynthia Maharani awarded travel grant

Cynthia Febrina Maharani, a doctoral student in occupational and environmental health, has been awarded an AICEF 2022 Overseas Travel Grant. Published July 27, 2022

Zamba, Lehmler highlighted among UI researchers

UI researchers secured funding for 2,400 projects in fiscal year 2022. Several projects were highlighted, including two led by CPH faculty members Gideon Zamba and Hans-Joachim Lehmler. (UI OVPR) Published July 18, 2022

An international partnership focuses on safer farming

Gift Udoh, a Mandela Washington Fellowship alumna and entrepreneur, and Diane Rohlman, professor of occupational and environmental health, are collaborating on a Reciprocal Exchange to reduce pesticide exposure in rural Nigeria. Published July 12, 2022

Working through chaos: Iowa research details how the pandemic affected employee well-being

COVID-19 caused major disruptions in the professional and personal lives of millions of people. Researchers with the Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest (HWC) are studying how the pandemic affected the work arrangements, health, and well-being of University of Iowa employees. Published June 6, 2022

Video: NIOSH Worker Well-Being Questionnaire

The Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest has recently released a new video describing the NIOSH Worker Well-Being Questionnaire (WellBQ), a new tool for employers to assess worker well-being. Published June 3, 2022

Peter Thorne named University of Iowa Distinguished Chair

Peter Thorne, professor of occupational and environmental health in the College of Public Health, has been named a recipient of the 2022 University of Iowa Distinguished Chair. The award is one of the highest bestowed on Iowa faculty. Published May 26, 2022