OEH Courses

Number Course Title Semester Hours Semester Offered
OEH:4240 Global Environmental Health 3 Fall, Spring (web)
OEH:4260 Global Water and Health 3 Spring, even
OEH:4310 Occupational Ergonomics: Principles 3 Fall
OEH:4510 Injury and Violence Prevention 3 Fall
OEH:4530 Global Road Safety 3 Spring
OEH:4540 Statistics for Experimenters 3 Fall
OEH:5010 OEH Seminar 0,1 Fall, Spring
OEH:5410 Occupational Safety 3 Spring, even
OEH:5620 Occupational Health 3 Fall
OEH:6110 Rural Health and Agricultural Medicine 3 Spring, Summer
OEH:6120 Topics in Agriculture and Rural Health 1 Fall, Spring
OEH:6420 Methods in Exposure Science 3 Fall
OEH:6431 Assessing Noise Hazards 1 Spring, odd
OEH:6432 Assessing Non-Ionizing Radiation Hazards 1 Spring, odd
OEH:6433 Assessing Ionizing Radiation Hazards 1 Spring, odd
OEH:6440 Control of Occupational Hazards 3 Spring, even
OEH:6450 Aerosol Technology 3 Fall
OEH:6460 Quantitative Exposure Assessment 3 Fall
OEH:6510 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology 3 Spring, odd
OEH:6520 Injury Epidemiology 3 Spring, odd
OEH:6710 Human Toxicology and Risk Assessment 3 Spring
OEH:6720 Advanced Toxicology 4 Fall, even
OEH:7000 Thesis/Dissertation Arr. Fall, Spring, Summer
OEH:7020 Independent Study in OEH Arr. Fall, Spring, Summer
OEH:7040 Preceptorship in OEH Arr. Fall, Spring, Summer
OEH:7050 OEH Internship 0,3 Spring
OEH:7060 Research Design in OEH 3 Spring
OEH:7070 Interpreting OEH Research 3 Spring