Global Public Health

The University of Iowa College of Public Health was founded in 1999 to promote health and to prevent injury and illness through commitment to education and training, excellence in research, innovation in policy development, and devotion to public health practice.

As we lay the foundation for future growth, the CPH recognizes that public health is inherently global – the world population is connected as we strive for longer, healthier lives. In order to grow as leaders in the field of public health, the CPH has embarked on a mission to integrate global concepts throughout the curriculum, offer increased coursework focused on global health, and to expand opportunities for CPH students to have international experiences.

Global Health Projects

The College of Public Health has a variety of projects in the global public health sphere, as well as students, faculty and alumni who are involved in public health work around the globe.

Click for examples of some of our projects, including studying tea plantations in India, clean water in Ghana, and the refugee crisis in the Middle East.

This page was last reviewed on February 14, 2017.