Global Visiting Scholars

Global Public Health Initiative Visitor Funding

Visiting scholars are eligible for travel funding from the Global Public Health Initiative if they meet the following qualifications:

  1. Individual works in public health research, practice, or other related field that would be of interest and relevance to CPH faculty and students.
  2. Demonstrate an ability to contribute to the ongoing academic and community goals of CPH and Global Public Health.
  3. Have the ability or willingness to teach or guest lecture as needed.
  4. Individual lives outside the U.S. and will be traveling from a non-U.S. location, or the individual is located within the U.S. but works extensively or exclusively in global health.

Proposed visitors who do not meet the requirements listed above may still be eligible for funding to visit CPH in a non-global capacity. Please visit the Iowa Institute for Public Health Research and Policy (IIPHRP) for more details.

For a full summary of grant eligibility and application considerations, download our Global Visiting Scholar Grant Guidelines.

The Global Public Health Initiative provides support for two types of visiting scholars:

  1. Click “Refer a Global Visiting Scholar” below if you know of a candidate who would be a good fit but do not have a timeline, budget, or purpose for their visit to campus.
  2. Click “Apply for Global Visitor Funding” below if you have have specific dates and intent to invite a candidate to campus and can provide a detailed proposal and budget.

All proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis and approval is subject to available funds.

All proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the CPH Global Health Committee. Criteria for review will include, but is not limited to:

  • Potential for proposed activities to establish and/or further collaboration with the global health partner.
  • Potential for proposed activities to involve CPH students or other faculty.
  • Project alignment with any of the CPH Collective Areas of Excellence (Rural Health, Comparative Effectiveness Research and/or Community Engagement)

Apply for Global Visitor Funding

Members of the CPH community can apply for funding for an individual you would like to invite to campus in the near future. Anyone can submit a proposal, however preference will be given to proposals submitted by CPH faculty related to specific research collaborations and projects.

Global Visiting Scholar Proposal Form

Visitor Information

Maximum file size: 209.72MB

Faculty Information

Impact on Global Public Health in CPH

Proposed Budget

Maximum file size: 209.72MB

Refer a Global Visiting Scholar

Members of the CPH community can refer a potential Global Visiting Scholar for consideration at a later date. You should use this form if you know of a candidate who would be of interest to the Global Public Health Initiative but do not yet have a timeline, budget, or purpose for their visit to campus.

Global Visiting Scholar Referral Form

Visitor Information

Maximum file size: 209.72MB

Faculty Information:

Impact on Global Public Health in CPH

Visiting Faculty Appointments and Long-term Visitors

The University of Iowa does not currently provide blanket funding or mechanisms to bring global visiting scholars to campus for extended periods of time. However, international scholars and University of Iowa faculty are encouraged to apply for the Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence (S-I-R) program as a means of encouraging scholarly exchange across borders.

Through the S-I-R Program, institutions host a scholar from outside of the United States for a semester or full academic year to teach courses, assist in curriculum development, guest lecture, develop study abroad/exchange partnerships and engage with the campus and the local community. S-I-Rs work across departments and curricula in a variety of ways to widely enhance or expand an existing international program, develop new world area studies programs, add an international dimension to existing coursework or provide an opportunity for U.S. students to learn about a particular world region or country.

Learn More About Fulbright S-I-R

Visitor Logistics and Program Assistance

While the visiting scholar is on campus, the Global Public Health staff will provide logistical support for travel, assist with identifying appropriate engagement opportunities, and ensure the public health community is aware of their presence on campus. To ensure all planning details are arranged in a timely manner, the Global Public Health Committee requests at least 1 month advance notice to accommodate visiting scholar requests. Requests made within 1 month of the proposed arrival date will still be considered but may not receive the same level of logistical support.

Global Visiting Scholars typically visit campus from 1-5 days depending on distance traveled and visit purpose. For visitor stays longer than 1 week, the Global Public Health Committee reserves the right to refer the application to the IIPHRP Visiting Scholars Program for additional consideration.