Curriculum Committee

The major function of the Curriculum Committee is to facilitate the involvement of the faculty of the UI College of Public Health (CPH) in the promotion of quality education in public health and related fields by working with departments and other program units to aid in the development and implementation of curricular policies. Input into recommendations for enhancement of educational quality will be sought from students, faculty and administrators. In addition to providing curricular oversight of the College’s educational programs, members of the Curriculum Committee will also participate, with departmental DEOs and other academic administrators, in the development of policy with respect to the quality of teaching.

Each department and program will be represented by a faculty member appointed by its DEO; the committee chair will be appointed by the CPH Faculty Council. At a minimum, an MPH student, an MHA student, and an MS/PhD student will also be named to the committee. The Associate Dean for Education and Student Affairs and the Collegiate Programs Advisor will be ex officio to the committee.




  • Scot Reisinger, Assistant Dean of Student Services
  • Becky Toner, Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Assistant to the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs


  • Logan Harris (Biostatistics)
  • Lauren Barlow (Occupational and Environmental Health)