Resources for HR Staff

Required Forms

Do you have a new employee in your office? Be sure to fill out the required compliance, exposure and background check requirement form.

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Prehire Forms

Data Collection Form For New Appointments (pdf)

A worksheet to collect information for statistical reporting purposes, to provide information necessary to process a new appointment, and to assist Benefits in providing the correct materials at the employee orientation.

HRIS Data Entry Form (pdf)

To be completed by the student employee for employer use in determining which HRIS student appointment form is appropriate and provides information for use in completing the data entry fields when initiating the HRIS web transaction.

Onboarding New Employees

Onboarding includes the processes that allow new employees to learn about the college, its structure, and its vision, mission and values, as well as to complete an initial new-hire orientation process.  It is one of the means for boosting employee engagement, building loyalty, and helping employees become successful early in their careers with the college. The checklists are completed for new staff and faculty on or near their first day of employment.

Faculty overload teaching approval form

TA hiring procedures for CPH undergraduate courses

University HR Resources

Collegiate HR Resources

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