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Ryckman featured on UI research banners

Fifty-one banners on display in the Old Capitol Mall/University Capitol Center through July tell the stories of University of Iowa researchers, innovators, and those with extraordinary academic pursuits, including Kelli Ryckman, associate professor of epidemiology and pediatrics. (Lab Link) Published July 5, 2017

Hamann works to understand bicycle fatalities

A recent radio segment discussed Department of Epidemiology associate Cara Hamann’s research into the increasing number of bicycle fatalities in Iowa. (Iowa Environmental Focus) Published June 26, 2017

Robinson comments on underassessment of women’s cardiovascular disease risk

Women's fight against cardiovascular disease faces challenges as most women underestimate the deadliness of the disease and most physicians give it lower priority and feel unprepared to assess risk, a new survey finds. The Women's Heart Alliance plans a national awareness campaign, notes Jennifer Robinson, CPH professor of epidemiology. "But to successfully improve risk factor control, awareness efforts must be coupled with quality clinician education and implementation programs," she says. (MedPage Today) Published June 23, 2017

Torner contributes to statement on management of brain arteriovenous malformations

Brain arteriovenous malformations are a relatively uncommon but important cause of hemorrhagic stroke, especially in young adults. An updated scientific statement makes suggestions for the diagnosis and management of the condition. Jim Torner, CPH professor of epidemiology, was a co-author on the statement. Published June 23, 2017

Iowa Health by the Numbers

Several reports -- Cancer in Iowa, Burden of Injury in Iowa, and the Iowa Health Fact Book -- are freely available online and offer rich sources of information that public health officials and policymakers can use to guide decision-making. Published June 21, 2017

Putting Public Health Policy into Research

A new initiative, the Policy Fellow Program, prepares faculty to translate their public health research into practice and policy. The three inaugural projects aim to create policy that will improve cancer reporting, newborn screening, and bicycle safety in Iowa.  Published June 21, 2017

Alumnus Streed honored with award from APIC

CPH alumnus Stephen Streed (75MS in Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health) will receive the prestigious Carole DeMille Achievement Award from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). Streed is the system director of epidemiology/infection prevention at Lee Health in Fort Myers, Florida. Published June 15, 2017

Pentella receives Leadership in Biosafety and Biosecurity Award

Michael Pentella, clinical professor of epidemiology at the UI College of Public Health, has received the 2017 Leadership in Biosafety and Biosecurity Award from the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL). Published June 14, 2017

Study examines link between obesity, food container chemical substitutes

A new study from the University of Iowa shows that a pair of common chemicals that manufacturers use to make plastic food containers, water bottles, and other consumer products do not contribute to obesity to the extent of the chemical it's replacing. Published June 12, 2017

Alumnae address injury and violence prevention in their work

Since graduating from the UI College of Public Health last year, three alumnae who worked with the UI Injury Prevention Research Center (IPRC) are now employed in areas of violence and injury prevention. Read about Lizzy Mello, Maisha Toussaint, and Leah Wentworth's work evaluating sexual violence prevention programs for a state health department, identifying soldiers with PTSD and depression for the U.S. military, and surveilling alcohol and drug use for one of the largest U.S. city health departments.  Published June 2, 2017

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