Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Department of Epidemiology at The University of Iowa has limited financial aid available for students in its programs.

Most of the support for students in the department comes from research assistantships that are funded by federal agencies, particularly the National Institutes of Health.

The Department of Epidemiology does not make financial offers to incoming students. Graduate student research assistantships arise throughout the year and are filled from the pool of interested students who are already on campus. Generally, graduate assistantships are most likely to be awarded in the second semester after beginning your academic experience in our department.

If you are interested in a Graduate Research Assistantship, please fill out this form and send it to the Graduate Program Coordinator along with your updated resume.  Please be sure and fill out the tasks and relevant skill set with as much detail as possible because it is reviewed heavily in order to fit you with the right project.

A 25 percent or greater appointment as a graduate research assistant provides a student with a stipend, reduction of tuition to in-state rates in addition to a partial tuition scholarship, and a contribution toward a health insurance policy.

For information about student loans, grants, scholarships, or part-time student employment, visit The Office of Student Financial Aid website—or contact the Director of Student Financial Aid, The University of Iowa, 208 Calvin Hall, Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1315; telephone (319) 335-1450.

International students need to be aware that, upon admission to the program, they must provide verification of sufficient resources to sustain themselves for one academic year. For the 2009-2010 academic year, our Office of International Admissions has determined the minimum amount required to support one person for one academic year is approximately $33,000. International students also need to be aware that most visas allow them to work only on campus, which limits opportunities for employment.