Epidemiology Faculty List

Directory Listing
Ryan Carnahan Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
S437 CPHB (319) 384-1556
Mary Charlton Associate Professor S453 CPHB (319) 384-1564
Margaret Chorazy Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Clinical Associate Professor
S147 CPHB (319) 384-1559
Elizabeth Chrischilles Professor and Head Department of Epidemiology
Pomerantz Chair in Public Health
Director, Health Effectiveness Research Center
S441A CPHB (319) 384-1575
Anjali Deshpande Clinical Associate Professor S141 CPHB (319) 384-1506
Cara Hamann Assistant Professor S449 CPHB (319) 384-1513
Sarah Nash Assistant Professor S418 CPHB (319) 467-4282
Michael O’Rorke Assistant Professor S451 CPHB (319) 384-1560
Michael Pentella Clinical Professor
Director, State Hygienic Laboratory
S433 CPHB (319) 384-1573
Christine Petersen Director of the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases
S429 CPHB (319) 384-1579
Jonathan Platt Assistant Professor S427 CPHB (319) 467-4360
Paul Romitti Professor S416 CPHB (319) 335-4912
Linda Snetselaar Professor and Chair, Preventive Nutrition Education
Director, Nutrition Center
S425 CPHB and SE226 (319) 384-1553
James Torner Professor S424 CPHB (319) 384-1542

Emeritus Faculty

Adjunct/Secondary Faculty

Emeritus Adjunct/Secondary Faculty

Doern, GaryC606 GH(319) 356-8616
Dungy, Claibourne  
Field, R. William  
Fuortes, Laurence  
Gerr, Fredric  
Hanson, James  
Hein, Herman  
Janz, Kathleen  
Johnson, Susan  
Murray, Jeffrey  
Pfaller, MichaelC606 GH(319) 356-8615
Pomrehn, Paul  
Van Dyke, Don  
Woolson, Robert