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Toepp honored with ASTMH Young Investigator Award

Angela Toepp, a doctoral student in epidemiology, recently received Honorary Mention in the Young Investigator Award contest at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene's (ASTMH) annual meeting in Baltimore. This award encourages developing young scientists to pursue careers in various aspects of tropical disease research. Published November 14, 2017

Robinson discusses importance of testing cholesterol levels

If cholesterol numbers make your head spin, doctors say here's the bottom line: Get tested ASAP to find out your "bad" cholesterol number because your long-term health may depend on it. A healthy lifestyle can cut your risk in half, but people with inherited high cholesterol may require drug treatment. "Usually, age 50 is where people's lifestyles or their genes are catching up with them," says Jennifer Robinson, CPH professor epidemiology. (Chicago Sun-Times) Published November 9, 2017

Study finds no firm cancer link to popular weedkiller

A large long-term study on the use of the big-selling weedkiller glyphosate by agricultural workers in the United States has found no firm link between exposure to the herbicide and cancer. The research team was led by CPH alumna Laura Beane-Freeman (99MS, 03PhD) and included Charles Lynch, CPH professor of epidemiology. (Reuters) Published November 9, 2017

Stroke death rates continue to decline in Iowa

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a "Vital Signs" report indicating that after decades of decline, national progress in preventing stroke deaths has slowed. The report found stroke death declines have stalled in three out of every four states. Only 13 states saw stroke death rates continue to decrease steadily from 2000 to 2015. Iowa is one of those states, thanks in part to the Iowa Stroke Registry, a collaboration of the Iowa Department of Public Health and the University of Iowa.  Published November 3, 2017

Bao to talk about link between plastic containers, obesity at Science Cafe

Wei Bao, CPH assistant professor of epidemiology, will present "The Link Between Plastic Food Containers and Obesity" from 7 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 29, at Everybody's Whole Foods in Fairfield, Iowa. His talk is part of the Science Cafe series sponsored by the Environmental Health Sciences Research Center and UI Institute for Clinical and Translational Science. Published October 26, 2017

Alumna Carolyne Bennett puts her skills to work at the CDC

Chagas disease, Cyclospora, and rat lung worm in Hawaii? Carolyne Bennett, a recent MPH in epidemiology graduate, is learning all about these outbreaks as part of her work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Read more about her decision to attend the University of Iowa and her current fellowship at the CDC. Published October 24, 2017

Facebook Live: Faculty Feature with Chuck Lynch Nov. 28

Join us live on Facebook at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 28, for a Faculty Feature hosted by CPH graduate student Kurayi Mahachi. This month's special guest is Chuck Lynch, professor of epidemiology.  Published October 18, 2017

Preconception vitamin D may reduce gestational diabetes risk

Women reporting daily vitamin D supplementation of at least 400 IU per day before becoming pregnant were nearly 30 percent less likely to develop gestational diabetes than women who did not report taking a vitamin D supplement, according to an analysis of the Nurses' Health Study II cohort. Wei Bao, CPH assistant professor of epidemiology, co-authored the study.  Published October 5, 2017

Study finds high levels of lead in 1 in 5 Iowa newborns

A recent study of Iowa newborn blood samples showed that 1 in 5 newborns had high blood lead levels, regardless of whether their mother lived in a city or a rural area. The higher levels statewide likely are related to the amount of pre-1940s housing stock in Iowa, when lead paint was commonly used. The study team included CPH researchers Audrey Saftlas, Jacob Oleson, and Kelli Ryckman. (Lab Link) Published October 4, 2017

McKeen featured as one of three longtime UI employees

Kathleen McKeen, director of the Iowa Cancer Registry, has worked at the University of Iowa for 58 years. "Work has always been my hobby," says McKeen, who is based in the Department of Epidemiology. "I still feel as though I can contribute and mentor people in this field. I feel as though I'm making an improvement in people's lives." Published September 28, 2017

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