Global Experience Pre-Departure Guide

As you begin to prepare for your trip abroad, you will undoubtedly come up with all sorts of questions about the next steps for your experience. This guide is designed to help you navigate the questions you may have and to make your pre-departure process as easy as possible. As you read through the following pages, you will find basic information about traveling, living, and working abroad in the context of your academic studies and career goals.

Keep in mind that this information is general so it may not answer all of your questions. The needs, goals, and locations of every student trip are different so no written guide will ever have all the information you need. Instead, we encourage you to use this guide as a foundational resource and continue to stay in contact with faculty mentors and support staff at the University of Iowa prior to and during your time abroad.

We advise you to read this guide thoroughly before leaving and then take it with you while overseas in case questions arrive or you need emergency contact information.

Download Printable Travel Guide (PDF)

The Basics

Mandatory To-Dos and Logistics

Concepts and Travel Prep

Helpful Hints and Travel Tips

Additional Resources