HMP History

Graduate studies in hospital administration were initiated at the University of Iowa in 1950, and the Iowa tradition of providing excellent graduate education is one of the oldest and most highly regarded in the United States. The Iowa tradition of developing prominent leaders in the field of hospital administration continues to be carried forth by more than 1,000 alumni.

The Department of Health Management and Policy faculty provide direction and continuity from the past into the future. For example: Dr. Samuel Levey (PhD ’61) returned and served as department chair from 1977-1991, and continued as Professor until retiring in 2015.

Program Heads

Gerhard Hartman (1950-1977)
Samuel Levey (1977-1991)
James E. Rohrer (1991-1996)
Douglas S. Wakefield (1996-2005)
Barry R. Greene (2005-2010)
Keith J. Mueller (2010-2022)
George Wehby (2022-present)

Published History

In 2000, Professor Samuel Levey published the history of the Department of Health Management and Policy, entitled A Half Century of Innovation: Health Management and Policy at Iowa.