PhD in Health Services and Policy Curriculum

The curriculum for the doctoral program requires that the student complete 77 semester hours of course work past the baccalaureate degree.

Core Courses

Number Title (hours)
CPH:6100 Essentials of Public Health (2 hours)
EPID:4400 Epidemiology I Principles (3 hours)
HMP:5450 Health Insurance and Managed Care (3 hours)
HMP:7970 Seminar in Instruction and Professional Development
HMP:7910 Seminar in Contemporary Health Issues (8 Semesters) (0 hours)

Foundation Courses in Focus Areas

Number Title (hours)
HMP:5410 (HE) Health Economics I (3 hours)
HMP:7550 (HE) Cost Effectiveness and Decision Analysis (3 hours)
HMP:5005 (HMO) Intro to Health Care Organization & Policy (3 hours)
HMP:7250 (HMO) Organizational Behavior and Theory in Health Care
HMP:5750 (HP) Medicare and Medicaid Policy (3 hours)
HMP:5610 (HP) Health Policy (3 hours)
HMP:7930 PhD Independent Research (3 hours)

Design and Analysis Courses

Number Title (hours)
BIOS:4120 Introduction to Biostatistics (3 hours)
BIOS:5120 Regression Modeling and ANOVA in the Health Sciences (3 hours)
HMP:7940 Primary Data and Mixed Methods (3 hours)
HMP: 7920 PhD Guided Research (2 & 2 hours)
HMP:7950 Design Issues in Health Services Research (3 hours)
HMP:7960 Analytic Issues in Health Services Research I (3 hours)
HMP:7965 Analytic Issues in Health Services Research II (3 hours)
CPH:7270 Principles of Scholarly Integrity: Public Health (must be taken twice; in the first semester for 0 s.h., in the second semester for 1 s.h.)
HMP:7990 Thesis/Dissertation (8-15 hours)

Health Economics – Advanced Focus Area Courses

At least three of these:
Number Title (hours)
ECON:1100 Microeconomics I (3 hours)
ECON:3300 Labor Economics (3 hours)
ECON:3310 Industrial Organization (3 hours)
ECON:6900 Contemporary Topics in Economics (3 hours)

Health Management & Organization – Advanced Focus Area Courses

At least three of these:
Number Title (hours)
MGMT:7330 Staffing Organizations (Ph.D.) (3 hours)
MGMT:7340 Group Processes (Ph.D.) (3 hours)
MGMT:7350 Leadership (Ph.D.) (3 hours)
MGMT:7360 Motivation and Attitudes (Ph.D.) (3 hours)
SOC:6610 Complex Organizations (3 hours)
BIOS:7410 Analysis of Categorical Data (3 hours)
BIOS:7310 Longitudinal Data Analysis (3 hours)

Health Policy- Advanced Focus Area Courses (12 hours)

Number Title (hours)
Both of these: 
HMP:5650 Health Policy Analysis (3 hours)
HMP:6750 Seminar in Health Policy (3 hours)
At least one of these:
HMP:6710 Federalism and Health Policy (3 hours)
POLI:5100 American Politics (4 hours)
POLI:7202 Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior (4 hours)
SOC:6810 Social Stratification (3 hours)


Students take electives to be exposed to other areas or to gain greater depth within their area of focus.

Transfer Credit

Students entering with a Masters degree may apply for transfer credit of previously completed graduate-level courses.