Hsu-Li Distinguished Lectureship in International Epidemiology

The Hsu-Li Distinguished Lectureship in International Epidemiology award serves two purposes: first, to honor persons who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in the international public health field and, second, by bringing them to the University of Iowa campus, create opportunities for students, faculty, and public health professionals to encounter and be challenged by their ideas and insights.

The award winner will deliver a formal lecture and participate in seminars, small group activities, and other campus events organized by the Department of Epidemiology in the College of Public Health. The lectures will be printed and videotaped for widespread distribution.

The criteria that will be considered in selecting recipients are:

  • Sustained and international excellence in carrying out public health research or prevention activities
  • Superb academic or practice attributes in public health, including commitment to high ideals, vision, and the ability to inspire others
  • Exemplary personal qualities, including integrity, respect for others, and high ethical and moral standards

Previous Hsu-Li Distinguished Lectureship winners:

  • 2019: David Melzer, MBBCh, PhD, FFPH. “Why is Human Aging So Variable? Insights from Big Data Cohorts” and Robert Wallace Spotlight Symposium
  • 2017: Xihong Lin, M.S., PhD. “Analysis of Genome, Exposome and Phenome”
  • 2013: Dr. Peter Daszak, PhD. “Predicting and Preventing the Next Pandemic”
  • 2012: W. Ian Limpkin, M.D. “Microbe Hunting”
  • 2009: Didier Pittet, M.D., M.S. “Preventing Infection: Scaling-Up From Local to Global”
  • 2008: Roger Detels, M.D., M.S. “Epidemiology in Support of Evidence-Based Policy Decision: An International Perspective”
  • 2007: Gregory A. Poland, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.I.D.S.A. “Predictive Vaccinology and Immunogenetics: From Bench to Bedside to Population”

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