Industrial Hygiene Research and Training Facilities

The Industrial Hygiene Training Program is housed in two facilities: the Institute for Rural and Environmental Health (IREH) at the University of Iowa Research Park contains labs for teaching and research, and the College of Public Health Building (CPHB) contains faculty offices and classrooms.

The facilities and research environment at IREH provide Industrial Hygiene trainees with access to excellent equipment and outstanding researchers.

  • IREH and CPHB BuildingsLabs in IREH offer state-of-the-art research opportunities. A wide array of industrial hygiene equipment is available to students, including video-exposure monitoring equipment, direct-reading gas and particle monitoring equipment, sampling pumps, noise dosimeters, and supplies.
  • The State Hygienic Laboratory is a short walk from IREH. Hygienic Lab staff help students perform chemical analysis of samples and serve as committee members.
  • Information technology resources at CPHB and IREH are extensive and include a state-of-the-art computing network with full-time technical support staff.
  • CPHB contains classrooms, auditoriums, student computer labs, and a food vendor in an attractive LEED platinum-certified building.