Dixie Ecklund


Title(s): Associate Director, Clinical Trials Statistical and Data Management Center
Department: Center
Office: 2425 UCC
Phone: (319) 335-8446

Ms. Ecklund is Director of Operations of the CTSDMC. She has over 30 years of combined experience in conducting clinical trials through the CTSDMC and in her previous role as Nurse Manager of the General Clinic Research Center (GCRC). She has been involved in various capacities in hundreds of clinical trials, ranging from small Phase 1 studies to multi-center Phase 3 studies. Ms. Ecklund has served as an IRB member for 25 years and was appointed an IRB chair in 2009. She has administrative experience with responsibilities including protocol implementation, protocol compliance, resource allocation, budgetary implications, and collaboration with many partners. Ms. Ecklund is responsible for overseeing all day-to-day activities of the DCC. She participates in all of the NeuroNEXT study team meetings and all of the operational meetings. She functionally supervises all DCC team leaders, monitors their progress, and provides guidance for operational questions. Ms. Ecklund serves as the direct liaison from the DCC Leadership to the CCC Leadership. She serves on the Site Support team and is a direct contact to the NeuroNEXT PIs and Coordinators. She serves as the DCC liaison for many of the Committees and is an ad-hoc member of NEC. Ms. Ecklund serves as the liaison to the NINDS DSMB on behalf of all of the NeuroNEXT investigators. She also serves on the Protocol Steering Committees as the blinded DCC member.