Hans-Joachim Lehmler


A portrait of Hans Joachim Lehmler of the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

Title(s): Professor
Department: Occupational and Environmental Health
Office: S353 CPHB
Phone: (319) 335-4211

A chance encounter in a cafeteria led Dr. Hans-Joachim Lehmler to divert from his career path.

Lehmler was working for the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy on drug delivery systems when, during lunch one day, he met Dr. Larry Robertson, director of Kentucky’s Superfund Research Center. Although Lehmler was not involved in environmental contaminant research at the time, Robertson sent an email afterward, saying his chemist was leaving.

“He brought me into the world of PCBs,” Lehmler said of polychlorinated biphenyls, the man-made organic chemicals that have been demonstrated to cause a variety of adverse health effects, including cancer. His own career path serves as a prime example for the basis of his teaching philosophy. “It’s more than just learning what’s in your discipline,” he said. “It’s what can make you competitive down the road. With a broader skill set, you’re much more marketable.”

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Courses Taught

  • Global Environmental Health
  • Health, Work and the Environment
  • Toxicology Research Seminar

Research Interests

  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Chemical Toxicology
  • Analytical Toxicology
  • Chiral Environmental Pollutants
  • Developmental Neurotoxicity
  • Gene-environment interactions
  • Environmental contaminants in the food chain
  • Environmental contaminants in drinking and surface water