Printing Guidelines for Students

Students at the College of Public Health enjoy unlimited printing in the student computer labs. With the unlimited printing there are a few guidelines in place to attempt to minimize abuse and waste in the labs.

  • Double-sided printing is an excellent way to cut down on waste in the labs. All documents that have more than one page should be printed in the double-sided format. This can significantly save on paper waste, and is the default setting on all printers in the student labs.
  • The printers in the labs are not intended for multiple copies of a document. Please print only one copy of any document. If you need more than one copy, you are required to use a copy machine. If you are caught repeatedly printing multiple copies you will be asked to pay for the extra copies accordingly.
  • If your document fails to print the first time, do not continue to try and print the document. In most cases if your document fails to print there is an issue with the printer. If you are having difficulty printing a document contact the IT Support desk at 4-3838 or email us at
  • Please remember that according to the University Acceptable Use policy it is against University policy to view inappropriate materials on the University network. It is also against our guidelines to print such materials in the computer labs. If you are caught printing inappropriate materials you can lose access to the University network and printing services regardless of class participation.
  • In order to print in the College of Public Health student labs you must be logged into the computer using your assigned College of Public Health login ID. If you log on with another domain’s ID, you will not have access to printing services.