Administrative Staff Contacts

Office of the Dean

Directory Listing
Ryan Bell Assistant to the Dean S153 CPHB (319) 384-4111
Lori Cranston Associate Dean for Finance and Administration S151 CPHB (319) 384-1515
Madeline Kerr Director of Development (319) 467-3530
Becky Toner Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Assistant to the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
S153 CPHB (319) 384-1507
Kathy Welsh Office Manager S160 CPHB (319) 467-4893

Communications and External Relations

Directory Listing
Joey Loboda Videographer S269 CPHB (319) 467-4219
Tara McKee Alumni and Constituent Relations Coordinator
Business Leadership Network Coordinator
S273 CPHB (319) 384-4277
Dan McMillan Strategic Communications Director S259 CPHB (319) 335-6835
Mitch Overton Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator S255 CPHB (319) 384-4366
Patrick J. Riepe Collegiate Web Manager S271 CPHB (319) 335-9645
Debra Venzke Writer/Editor S257 CPHB (319) 335-9647

Instructional Support & Learning Technologies

Directory Listing
Ray Bennett Instructional Services Specialist N148H CPHB (319) 335-9643


Directory Listing
Jordan Keller-Wilson Finance Director S151 CPHB (319) 467-0290

University Shared Services

USS Contacts for the College of Public Health 

Human Resources

Directory Listing
Janet Duncan Admin Services Specialist S149 CPHB (319) 384-1526
Michele Hogue HR Coordinator S149 CPHB (319) 384-1545
Lisa Irving HR Coordinator S149 CPHB (319) 335-4516
Kay Shie HR Director S151 CPHB (319) 384-1529

Information Technology

Directory Listing
Jacob Lewis Senior Systems Administrator N148F CPHB (319) 335-1857
Tim Marek Senior IT Support Consultant N148A CPHB (319) 384-3843
Ben Schroder IT Support Consultant N148E CPHB (319) 384-4012
Alex Sheehy IT Support Analyst N148D CPHB (319) 467-3921
Tim Shie IT Director N141 CPHB (319) 384-3847
Jeremy Stoltenberg Senior Systems Administrator N148B CPHB (319) 384-3842
Adam Tatro IT Support Consultant N148C CPHB (319) 384-3840
Harry Truong IT Support Associate N140 CPHB (319) 384-3838
Dante Verastegui IT Support Associate N140 CPHB (319) 384-3838
Randy Zhang IT Support Associate N140 CPHB (319) 384-3838

Research Office

Directory Listing
Ericka Klingner Research Development Coordinator S148 CPHB (319) 467-1880

Student Services

Directory Listing
Bonnie Butler Internship Program Coordinator N174A CPHB (319) 467-1128
Lexie Just Associate Director of Admissions and Recruitment N173 CPHB (319) 384-1539
Jeanie Kimbel Practicum Director / Career Services N180 CPHB (319) 384-1537
Kim Klinedinst Assistant Director for Advising N175 CPHB (319) 384-1536
Elizabeth Lara DEI Manager N176 CPHB (319) 384-2704
Torrie Malichky Graduate Program Coordinator N174A CPHB (319) 384-1490
Scot Reisinger Assistant Dean of Student Services N177 CPHB (319) 467-1875
Sophie Switzer Assistant Director, Engaged Learning and Career Preparation N178 CPHB 319-384-4136