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The latest news from the Department of Community and Behavioral Health at the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

Askelson leads project to improve Iowa’s COVID-19 vaccination rates

UI researchers and public health groups have received a $500,000 CDC grant to find ways to improve the COVID-19 vaccination rates in 17 Iowa communities. The researchers, led by Natoshia Askelson, assistant professor of community and behavioral health, will work with community residents in creating strategies that overcome barriers and encourage residents to seek the vaccine. (The Gazette) Published June 4, 2021

Watkins discusses inequities in green space access

Not all urban residents have the same access, geographically and historically, to nearby green space. "[I]n most studies there's a demonstrated pattern between income and urban forest cover; that is, higher income is associated with more urban forest cover," explains Shannon Lea Watkins, assistant professor of community and behavioral health. (Eos) Published June 2, 2021