CBH Faculty List

Directory Listing
Rima Afifi Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Director, Prevention Research Center for Rural Health
Youth wellbeing; Mental health; Tobacco control; Global health N422 CPHB
(319) 384-1476
Sato Ashida Associate Professor Social networks; Healthy aging; Family caregiving N411 CPHB
(319) 384-1477
Natoshia Askelson Assistant Professor Rural health; Behavioral change; Child and adolescent health N412 CPHB
(319) 335-6867
Shelly Campo Associate Professor, Community and Behavioral Health
Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Associate Dean, Graduate College
Health communication; Health campaigns; Risky behavior; Health disparities N416 CPHB
(319) 335-9097
Paul Gilbert Assistant Professor Alcohol use; Health equity; Mixed-methods research N414 CPHB
(319) 384-1478
Faryle Nothwehr Associate Professor Behavioral epidemiology; Health promotion in adults; Volunteerism N424 CPHB
(319) 384-1482
Nicole Novak Assistant Research Scientist Health equity; immigrant health; mixed methods; community engagement
Edith A. Parker Dean
Professor, Community and Behavioral Health
Professor, Public Policy Center, Office of the Vice President for Research
(319) 384-1503
Anne Helene Skinstad Clinical Professor
Program Director, National American Indian and Alaska Native Addiction Technology Transfer Center
Co-Director, YMSM + LGBT ATTC Center of Excellence
(319) 384-1481
William T. Story Assistant Professor Global health; Maternal and child health; Social determinants of health N426 CPHB
(319) 384-1514
Mark Vander Weg Professor and Head Health behavior change; Tobacco use prevention and cessation; Rural health; Healthcare access; Health disparities; Social and psychological determinants of health N432A CPHB
Shannon Lea Watkins Assistant Professor Tobacco use; Cannabis use; Health and environmental equity; Youth and young adult health N418 CPHB
(319) 467-1489

Secondary Faculty

Name Office Phone
Curry, Sue 101 JH (319) 335-3565
McCarthy, Ann Marie 406 CNB (319) 335-7087
Prussing, Erica 229 MH (319) 335-0528

Adjunct Faculty

Name Office Phone
Baquero, Barbara University of Washington
Daniel-Ulloa, Jason University of Washington
Kimbel, Jeanie S273 CPHB (319) 384-1537
Losch, Mary UNI (319) 273-2105
Reyes, Jimmy Iowa Board of Nursing (515) 281-3255
Sarriot, Eric Save the Children
Sharma, Vinita Policy Wisdom, LLC
Simonds, Vanessa MSU-Bozeman (406) 994-7396
Switzer, Sophie N178 CPHB (319) 384-4136
Walkner, Laurie 5197 WL (319) 335-6836
Walker, Dale OHS (503) 418-1771
Woods-Jaeger, Briana CMH-KC (816) 234-3674
Yang, Jingzhen (Ginger) KSU (614) 355-5852

Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Room Phone
Mary Lober Aquilino Clinical Associate Professor, Emeritus
Joe Dan Coulter Professor, Emeritus 5147 WL (319) 335-7700
Melanie Dreher Professor, Emeritus
Nancy Thompson Associate Professor, Emeritus


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