CBH Faculty List

Directory Listing
Rima Afifi Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Director, Prevention Research Center for Rural Health
Youth wellbeing; Mental health; Tobacco control; Global health N422 CPHB
(319) 384-1476
Sato Ashida Associate Professor Social networks; Healthy aging; Family caregiving N411 CPHB
(319) 384-1477
Natoshia Askelson Assistant Professor Rural health; Behavioral change; Child and adolescent health N412 CPHB
(319) 335-6867
Shelly Campo Associate Professor, Community and Behavioral Health
Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Associate Dean, Graduate College
Health communication; Health campaigns; Risky behavior; Health disparities N416 CPHB
(319) 335-9097
Paul Gilbert Assistant Professor Alcohol use; Health equity; Mixed-methods research N414 CPHB
(319) 384-1478
Faryle Nothwehr Associate Professor Behavioral epidemiology; Health promotion in adults; Volunteerism N424 CPHB
(319) 384-1482
Nicole Novak Assistant Research Scientist Health equity; immigrant health; mixed methods; community engagement
Edith A. Parker Dean
Professor, Community and Behavioral Health
Professor, Public Policy Center, Office of the Vice President for Research
Anne Helene Skinstad Clinical Professor
Program Director, National American Indian and Alaska Native Addiction Technology Transfer Center
Co-Director, YMSM + LGBT ATTC Center of Excellence
(319) 384-1481
William T. Story Assistant Professor Global health; Maternal and child health; Social determinants of health N426 CPHB
(319) 384-1514
Mark Vander Weg Professor and Head Health behavior change; Tobacco use prevention and cessation; Rural health; Healthcare access; Health disparities; Social and psychological determinants of health N432A CPHB
Shannon Lea Watkins Assistant Professor Tobacco use; Cannabis use; Health and environmental equity; Youth and young adult health N418 CPHB
(319) 467-1489

Secondary Faculty

Name Office Phone
Curry, Sue 101 JH (319) 335-3565
McCarthy, Ann Marie 406 CNB (319) 335-7087
Prussing, Erica 229 MH (319) 335-0528

Adjunct Faculty

Name Office Phone
Baquero, Barbara University of Washington
Daniel-Ulloa, Jason University of Washington
Kimbel, Jeanie S273 CPHB (319) 384-1537
Losch, Mary UNI (319) 273-2105
Reyes, Jimmy Iowa Board of Nursing (515) 281-3255
Sarriot, Eric Save the Children
Sharma, Vinita Policy Wisdom, LLC
Simonds, Vanessa MSU-Bozeman (406) 994-7396
Switzer, Sophie N178 CPHB (319) 384-4136
Walkner, Laurie 5197 WL (319) 335-6836
Walker, Dale OHS (503) 418-1771
Woods-Jaeger, Briana CMH-KC (816) 234-3674
Yang, Jingzhen (Ginger) KSU (614) 355-5852

Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Room Phone
Mary Lober Aquilino Clinical Associate Professor, Emeritus
Joe Dan Coulter Professor, Emeritus 5147 WL (319) 335-7700
Melanie Dreher Professor, Emeritus
Nancy Thompson Associate Professor, Emeritus


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