Sato Ashida, PhD


A portrait of Prof. Sato Ashida of the Department of Community and Behavioral Health at the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

Title(s): Associate Professor
Department: Community and Behavioral Health
Office: N411 CPHB
Phone: (319) 384-1477

Dr. Ashida is a member of the University of Iowa Center on Aging and is an Aging Mind and Brain Initiative (AMBI) faculty member. Her training background consists of health behavior theories, gerontology and aging, program development and implementation, social network methodology, and public health genomics. Her previous work includes evaluation of social influence and its impact on motivation to undergo health screening and to improve lifestyle (diet, physical activity), the roles of social support and engagement on health, and social resources that facilitate behaviors.

Courses Taught

  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (online version)
  • Health Promotion in an Aging Context
  • Advanced Intervention Research

Research Interests

  • Examine the roles of social networks and relationships in health and health-related behaviors, and develop strategies to positively influence such social factors.
  • Identify and influence modifiable social factors to facilitate healthy aging
  • Understand the roles of genomic information in health-related beliefs and behaviors