Strategic Area: Community Engagement and Participation

Business team standing hands together in the loft office

Our central value is partnership with all the communities with which we work. This entails lifting up their voices; starting from their strengths, assets, and needs; and engaging with them to preserve their dignity and culture.  Such participatory approaches ensure that our work is responsive, relevant, adapted, accepted, and sustainable.  Community participatory approaches are both a process and an outcome of our research and practice.  Our students appreciate the power of co-learning and co-creation of better futures with communities, and learn skills of communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork.

In our work, we consistently ask: How do we maintain equitable partnerships and keep the community and our partners at the center of our research and practice? How can we maximize the effectiveness of public health interventions through partnerships between community and academia?

Here are some of the community participatory approaches projects our faculty are currently engaged in: