Strategic Area: Rural Health

corn or maize in cornfield farm on mountain and blue sky background

According to the U.S. Census, approximately one-third of Iowa’s population lives in rural areas. Additionally, the Office of Management and Budget considers 17 of 30 defined statistical areas in Iowa to be micropolitan or rural.

Our unique location drives our work. We consider “rural” to be a context, a social determinant, a culture, and a skill set. We have a track record of research and publications in this strategic area. We are shaping scholarship by critically engaging with the definition of rurality, promoting rural health through novel approaches, and changing the face of what people view as rural contexts. Our students graduate with a keen understanding of public health in rural settings.

One key question we ask in this work is: How can evidence-based interventions be adapted to rural contexts, or can they be?

Here are some of the rural-health-related projects our faculty are currently engaged in: