CPH Faculty Council

The Faculty Council holds regular meetings (usually once per month) and is composed of a tenured faculty member from each department and two at-large members: One a clinical faculty member and one a non-tenured tenure track faculty member.


  • Provide the College of Public Health dean with input on faculty views on important issues affecting the college.
  • Serve as the faculty advisory body to the dean on matters of concern to faculty, including planning and setting of overall priorities and objectives for the college, collegiate governance policies and procedures, and collegiate programs.
  • Oversee standing committees and form ad-hoc subcommittees within the Faculty Council structure as may be necessary.
  • Select members of standing and ad-hoc committees of the Faculty Council and recommend membership on college-wide committees.
  • Report on activities of the Faculty Council to the College of Public Health faculty at least once in the Fall term and once in the Spring term.



Community and Behavioral Health


Health Management and Policy

  • None listed at this time

Occupational and Environmental Health

  • Carri Casteel, Professor, Director, Injury Prevention Research Center


Standing Committees

Faculty Council Documents