Health Management and Policy News

Wehby’s article named a Health Affairs top ten of 2022

A paper authored by Professor George Wehby has been named a top ten article published in 2022 by the editor-in-chief of Health Affairs. Published January 20, 2023

Mueller comments on high rate of rural deaths from COVID

Keith Mueller, professor of health management and policy and director of RUPRI, comments on how rural areas that had escaped the worst impacts of the first COVID wave are experiencing higher death rates than urban areas, and the gap has only gotten wider in the past year. (Scientific American) Published January 12, 2023

Zahnd discusses national broadband map

Whitney Zahnd, assistant professor of health management and policy, recently commented on the Federal Communications Commission’s national broadband map. Though the current map is an improvement on past ones, Zahnd said it doesn’t show how much broadband costs at each location. (NPR/Harvest Public Media) Published January 11, 2023

Zahnd’s article is among top 5 most-read

Congratulations to Whitney Zahnd, whose article about rural mortality rates was the No. 5 most-read article in The Rural Monitor in 2022! Published January 4, 2023

Alumnus Eric Mooss named CEO of Bryan Medical Center

Lincoln's largest medical system has announced that Eric Mooss (04MHA) will become CEO of Bryan Medical Center on Jan. 1, 2023. Published December 7, 2022

Study links state eviction moratoriums and improved mental health

A study co-authored by George Wehby and Abdinasir Ali found an association between state eviction moratoriums during the COVID-19 pandemic and improved mental health among people who rent. (PPC) Published December 2, 2022

Ali discusses pandemic eviction moratoriums and impact on mental health

Abdinasir Ali, a doctoral student in HMP, discusses a study he published with George Wehby that assessed the effects of state eviction moratoriums on mental health. (Health Affairs podcast) Published November 30, 2022

Researchers look at impact of ACA on nursing assistants

Hari Sharma, assistant professor of health management and policy, and doctoral student Lili Xu examined how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Medicaid expansion affected the insurance coverage and the sources of coverage among low-income nursing home aides. (Tradeoffs) Published November 28, 2022

Zahnd writes about collaboration to address cancer inequities

For National Rural Health Day, Whitney Zahnd, assistant professor of health management and policy, writes about collaboration being a key component of advancing cancer and rural equity. (GHEA) Published November 17, 2022

Zahnd to chair Journal of Rural Health editorial board

Whitney Zahnd, assistant professor of health management and policy, has been selected to serve as chair of the editorial board of the Journal of Rural Health, the nation's only scholarly journal focused on rural health issues. Published November 11, 2022