Health Management and Policy News

Free registration for students attending Iowa Rural Health Association conference

Sponsorship support from the College of Public Health will allow up to 20 students to register at no cost to attend the 2023 Iowa Rural Health Association annual conference. The one-day, in-person conference will take place Oct. 18. Published September 26, 2023

Early research suggests technology can help improve blood pressure control rates

Preliminary research shows that a remote digital monitoring program helped improve blood pressure control rates by over 30% among underserved populations nationwide, according to investigators at the University of Iowa College of Public Health. Published September 25, 2023

Meet our faculty: Kristin Wilson

As a native Iowan, Kristin Wilson brings a unique perspective to her role as the director of the college's Master of Health Administration program and mentor to future health care leaders. Published September 21, 2023

Call for Research Week poster abstracts

Students, postdocs, faculty, and staff are invited to submit abstracts for the CPH Research Week poster session on Oct. 31. Multiple $250 prizes will be awarded! Submissions are due Oct. 19. Published September 20, 2023

My Iowa Journey: A ‘Corn’ucopia of Ideas and Collaborations

I was trained as a public policy researcher by two prolific methodologists – one, a social demographer, and the other, a program evaluation expert. As a fresh PhD, I was interested in examining the motivations for and the implications of providing long-term care in the U.S. Over the course of last eight years, my research […] Published September 19, 2023

Arora discusses paid leave and job protection for caregivers

Many Americans are juggling caregiving with work, trying to provide care for loved ones while earning enough money to pay their own bills. Several states now offer paid caregiving leave, and studies show that paid leave seems most successful when paired with job protection, according to findings co-authored by Kanika Arora, CPH associate professor of health management and policy. (New York Times) Published September 11, 2023

Arora comments on study of marijuana use among older adults

Millions of older adults have started using marijuana in the last decade, but questions remain about the health effects of cannabis on seniors. New users tend to be older women and well-educated people with health problems, said Kanika Arora, CPH associate professor of health management and policy, who authored a 2019 study of users in Colorado. (Chicago Sun Times) Published September 11, 2023

Alumna named to VP role at WPS Health Solutions

Alumna Kaley Wilkinson (05MHA) has been named vice president of enterprise strategy, marketing, and corporate development at WPS Health Solutions in Madison, Wisconsin. Published September 7, 2023

Transformation is on the horizon: Looking back on 35 years of rural health policy research

As I reflect on 35 years of research focused on rural health policy (my first few career years, ironically, focused on urban politics), I have stayed true to my “north star” – policy-relevant research and policy engagement to make a difference on behalf of rural people and places. My career blends health services research with […] Published September 5, 2023

Ullrich discusses challenges for rural pharmacies

Fred Ullrich, program director for research in the Department of Health Management and Policy and member of the Rural Policy Research Institute, recently spoke about the challenges facing rural and independently owned pharmacies. (Illinois Public Media) Published August 29, 2023