Maternal and Child Health Student Interest Group

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Student Interest Group is a student-led organization that unites interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about national and international MCH topics by providing continuous learning, advocacy, and action opportunities. 


  1. Establish and cultivate an action-oriented group of students interested in MCH.  
  2. Engage and educate students in MCH health learning and experiences, networking, and service opportunities.  
  3. Facilitate change and learning through advocacy efforts.  
  4. Enrich students’ knowledge of MCH challenges and opportunities nationally and globally to equip them for future careers as MCH professionals and advocates.  
  5. Leverage current student resources/experiences and voices to amplify the already-existing work and voice of local community workers, activists, and birthing people working in the MCH health field


Want to join or learn more? Feel free to contact us at