MPH in Policy

The MPH in Policy is a 42 semester hour program of study. It offers coursework and applied learning experiences that prepare students for careers in health policy analysis, system and organizational planning, and program evaluation. Graduates will be employed by federal, state, or local governments, professional associations, local health agencies or private agencies. They may be responsible for assessing health problems, developing policy proposals, and assuring that policies are achieving their goals. They also may work as consultants to public and private agencies to assist them in assessment, policy development, and assurance. Students are recruited from a variety of academic backgrounds including business, liberal arts and health professions.

In addition to mastering the core competencies for the MPH, graduates of the MPH Program of Study in Policy will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and analyze public health policies for specific health issues.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of public health policy formulation
  • Design effective implementation strategies for public health policies
  • Evaluate the impact of public health policies

Examples of careers include:

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Program Manager, Metabolic Health Strategies
  • Program Director, UPMC Health Plan

A typical student completes the MPH in two years. This following is a sample plan of study based on a full-time student starting in the Fall. Please work with your advisor to choose a plan that works best for you.


Sample Plan of Study for MPH degree in Policy
Course # Course name Hours
Fall 1 12 s.h.
HMP:5005 Intro to Healthcare Org & Policy (or HMP:4000 Intro to the US Healthcare System) 3 s.h.
HMP:5610 Health Policy 3 s.h.
CPH:5100 Intro to Public Health 3 s.h.
OEH:4240 Global Environmental Health 3 s.h.
Spring 1 12 s.h.
BIOS:4120 Intro to Biostatistics 3 s.h.
CBH:4105 Intro to Health Promotion & Disease Prev 3 s.h.
HMP:5650 Health Policy Analysis 3 s.h.
HMP: ### HMP Elective 3 s.h.
Fall 2 9 s.h.
EPID:4400 Epidemiology I: Principles 3 s.h.
HMP:6750 Seminar in Health Policy 3 s.h.
HMP:6610 Legal Aspects of Healthcare 3 s.h.
CPH:5203 Interprofessional Education & Practice for MPH Students 0 s.h.
Spring 2 9 s.h.
HMP: ### HMP Elective 3 s.h.
HMP: ### HMP Elective 3 s.h.
CPH:7200 MPH Capstone Experience 1 s.h.
CPH:7500 MPH Applied Practice Experience 2 s.h.
MPH degree total 42 s.h.
Work with your advisor to select electives.


Summary of Requirements 
Area Hours
MPH Core 18 s.h.
Policy Required 12 s.h.
Policy Electives 9 s.h.
Interprofessional Education & Practice 0 s.h.
Applied Practice Experience 2 s.h.
MPH Capstone 1 s.h.
Total 42 s.h.