Abdinasir Ali

A portrait of Abdinasir Ali of the Master of Public Health program at the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

Department: Health Management and Policy

Year of intended graduation: 2023

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Education: BS in Biology, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; MPH in Health Management & Policy, San Diego State University

Focal Area: Health Policy

Research interests: My research interests are focused around areas of health insurance and public financing. I am interested in the impact of insurance expansion through the Affordable Care Act on health care spending, state and federal budgets, and health outcomes for Medicaid and Medicare population. I am also interested in value based insurance design and payment models.

Current activities:

  • Graduate Research Assistantship with Dr. Mueller and the RUPRI Health Panel
  • AcademyHealth: Member, student chapter
  •  Health Equity and Advancement Lab (HEAL) member