Departmental Programs of Study

All MPH students must select a Program of Study.

MPH in Biostatistics
The Biostatistics Program of Study focuses on applying biostatistical methods to the design and analysis of research investigations in the health sciences. Students receive fundamental training in the public health sciences, core biostatistical theory, and core biostatistical methods.

MPH in Community and Behavioral Health
The Community and Behavioral Health Program of Study prepares students to design, implement, and evaluate interventions that are directed toward identified public health problems in communities.

MPH in Epidemiology
The Epidemiology Program of Study provides students with the methodological skills to determine the occurrence of disease in communities, assess risk factors for disease, and evaluate the effectiveness of prevention and treatment of disease.

MPH in Occupational and Environmental Health
The Occupational and Environmental Health Program of Study prepares students to assess risk factors in the physical environment and their relationship to disease, including the health problems of agricultural and industrial workers.

MPH in Policy
The Policy Program of Study is designed for those seeking to become directly involved in developing, implementing and analyzing American health policy. The program offers coursework and applied learning experiences that provide excellent preparation for students to pursue a variety of careers including health policy analysis, system and organizational planning, and program evaluation.


Undergrad to Grad:

Undergrad to Grad students must select a departmental Program of Study and be an undergraduate student at the University of Iowa, Coe College, Cornell College, Grinnell College. Learn more here.