How to Apply to the MPH Program

Please review these detailed instructions and requirements for applying to the University of Iowa Master of Public Health Program.

Admission Requirements

  • You must have earned a bachelor’s or professional degree.
  • You must have a minimum grade-point average of 3.0.
  • GRE preferred minimums are: verbal 151 and quantitative 152. If you took the exam prior to August 1, 2011, the preferred minimums are: verbal 467 and quantitative 591. The following scores may be substituted for the GRE: MCAT, LSAT, PCAT, DAT, GMAT, VCAT.
  • TOEFL (or IELTS during the 2006-2007 year) scores are required for international students except permanent residents or those who have earned a degree from an accredited institution in the US, Canada (except Quebec), Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. The minimum recommended scores are: paper 600, computer 250, and internet 100. The minimum recommended IELTS score is 7.0.

Application Deadlines

Student Type Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
US Citizens April 15 N/A April 1
International Applicants April 15 N/A April 1
Combined Degree Applicants (MD/MPH, PharmD/MPH, DVM/MPH, JD/MPH) April 15 November 1 April 1
Practicing Veterinarians March 1
Undergrad to Grad February 1 N/A February 1

Submit the Applications

To complete the application to the University of Iowa MPH Program, applicants must submit applications and supporting documents to both the Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS) and to the University of Iowa Office of Graduate Admissions.


You can apply through SOPHAS at You will be required to:

  • Complete an application
  • Provide official transcripts showing all previous undergraduate and graduate work with grades and degrees
  • Provide official GRE scores (the University of Iowa SOPHAS GRE code is 0658). The following scores may be substituted for the GRE: MCAT, LSAT, PCAT, DAT, GMAT, VCAT.
  • Provide three letters of recommendation.
  • Provide your resume.
  • Provide your TOEFL scores, if you are an international student.
  • Write a personal statement. In your statement, please address the following questions (1,500-word limit):
    • Students must choose and apply to one subtrack or combined degree within the MPH Program. Which are you applying to and why?
    • How does the required coursework for the subtrack you are pursuing match up with what you hope to learn and achieve throughout the program?
    • In detail, please describe: your exposure to, training in, and/or work experiences within public health?
    • How does the MPH degree relate to your career goals?

University of Iowa Office of Graduate Admissions

You can apply online via the UI Office of Graduate Admissions application website. Bear in mind:

  • There is a $60 application fee for U.S. applicants and a $100 fee for international applicants.
  • You will need to provide official transcripts. Do not send these transcripts until they show your final degree conferral.

Questions or comments? Contact Lexie Just. This page was last reviewed on June 25, 2015.