About Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

The Iowa Institute of Public Health Research and Policy (IIPHRP), at the University of Iowa, College of Public Health was contracted by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) to develop, conduct, and analyze a needs assessment to determine how IDPH can better meet the needs of the multiple stakeholders in the Iowa Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program including families, communities, medical providers and contractors. In addition to the needs assessment, the IIPHRP team completed a clear language review of the IDPH Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention (CLPPP) website, helped redesign the layout of the CLPPP website for easier access, created educational videos and materials, and will be providing training’s on childhood lead poisoning prevention.

Iowa Childhood Lead Advisory Workgroup (CLAW)

The Iowa Department of Public Health, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program  and the Iowa Institute of Public Health Research and Policy have collaborated to form a statewide workgroup to facilitate improved outreach, education, and program changes to prevent childhood lead poisoning in Iowa. The Childhood Lead Advisory Workgroup (CLAW) members include local housing officials, medical professionals, public health officials, elected officials as well as other child health and housing services professionals. The group, formed in FY20, develops comprehensive strategies to prevent childhood lead poisoning through statewide policy and program changes.

The first year of the CLAW has been a great success, providing key insight into the activities that need to be tackled in coming years. To learn more about the activities completed by the CLAW in FY20, read the CLAW Report of Activities here. The second year of the CLAW will continue to have quarterly meetings. The newest addition to the CLAW will be the addition of subgroups. There will be two subgroups, the Blood Lead Level Testing Policy and Training subgroup and the Housing Policy Subgroup. The Blood Lead Level Testing Policy and Training subgroup will focus on the development of a new screening tool and guidelines for medical providers. This subgroup will also create an outline of a training vision for the next 3 years. The Housing Policy subgroup will aid in the development and execution of a methodology to collect data to expand on the previous lead and housing survey to better understand the motivation and challenges of property owners to repair lead hazards. The knowledge gained from the survey will result in the development of a policy brief surrounding lead-safe housing. Subgroups will meet virtually at least twice throughout the year.

If you have an interest in joining the CLAW or one of the subgroups, please contact Alexa Andrews at alexa-andrews@uiowa.edu.